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Previous Projects

Bryce Ballard

Hello! I’m Bryce Ballard, president of New Era Tile & Stoneworks, I’m thrilled to share a bit about myself with you. I grew up in the charming town of Kingsburg, CA, where the sense of community and beautiful surroundings shaped who I am today.

I graduated from Kingsburg High School and went on to play baseball for two years at Bakersfield College. My academic journey continued at Fresno State, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

I am proud to be a third-generation tile and stone contractor with over 25 years of experience in the trade. Following in the footsteps of my family, I have dedicated myself to mastering the craft and bringing high-quality work to every project I undertake.

I am also blessed with a wonderful family. I’m married to my amazing wife, Sarah, and together we have two sons, Jack and Barrett, who keep us busy and bring immense joy to our lives.

When I’m not working, you can find me playing golf, flying airplanes, or enjoying fun activities with my family. I started New Era Tile and Stoneworks 15 years ago because I saw a need to incorporate technology in an industry seemingly stuck in the stone age (see what I did there). Aside from my wonderful family, running this company has been one of my greatest accomplishments.

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Angelique Martinez

About Angelique

Angelique plays a pivotal role at New Era Tile & Stoneworks, ensuring our operations run seamlessly. With extensive experience in the construction industry, she has held various positions that have equipped her with a deep understanding of the field in multiple capacities, showcasing her versatility and dedication.

Since joining us in 2017 as our Office Manager, Angelique has managed a wide range of responsibilities, including accounting, human resources, and purchasing. She now serves as our General Manager, overseeing all departments, ensuring our team works efficiently and cohesively while maintaining exceptional customer relations. Her commitment to excellence guarantees that every aspect of our operation is handled proficiently. No matter the issue, Angelique is the go-to person for solutions and answers.

In her spare time, Angelique cherishes moments with her growing family, which includes her husband and their two little girls. She prioritizes her role as a dedicated mother, engaging in all “girl mom” pink-themed activities like tea parties, spa days, and ballet. Angelique also has a passion for interior design, traveling, DIYs, and being a plant enthusiast, though she humorously admits to struggling to keeping them alive. 

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Ramiro Bonilla Sr

About Ramiro Sr.

Ramiro is a cornerstone of our team, bringing nearly 40 years of industry experience to New Era Tile & Stoneworks. He began his career at J. Dean Ballard & Tile, working alongside the first and second-generation Ballards, and now with the third generation, Bryce. As one of our very first employees, Ramiro has been integral to our growth and success.

He has held various roles, starting as our original fabricator and evolving into our main sawyer as we expanded. In recent years, Ramiro transitioned to shop foreman, where he oversees daily activities, manages our fabricators, and coordinates tasks to ensure projects are completed to the highest standards of quality and precision. His responsibilities also include maintaining equipment, enforcing safety protocols, and providing top-tier training to ensure our fabricators produce exceptional work. Ramiro's leadership and expertise are vital to our productivity and delivering outstanding stone products.

Outside of work, Ramiro enjoys traveling and exploring beautiful scenery with his wife, five children, and seven grandchildren. He loves long bike rides, camping, attending concerts, doing yard work, and swimming. With a passion for jewelry, he spent several years as a jeweler. He dreams of buying an RV and traveling the world upon retirement, although we hope he continues to visit us and enjoy his morning cup of coffee here.

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Xavier Bonilla

About Xavier

Xavier has been a wonderful addition to our team as our Inventory Manager since 2021, bringing exceptional organizational skills and a keen eye for detail to his role. With years of experience in inventory management, he efficiently oversees our slab inventory, ensuring accurate tracking and handling of all our materials. Xavier excels at inspecting all incoming materials to detect any blemishes or fissures, ensuring our customers are always satisfied with their finished products.

He is responsible for receiving, inspecting, and photographing all materials to maintain top quality and organization. His dedication and expertise have significantly contributed to the smooth operation and success of our inventory management processes.

Outside of work, Xavier enjoys biking, camping, and going to the lake with his wife and daughter. He also finds joy in paintballing, playing video games, and working on projects around his house.

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Daniel Ruiz

About Daniel

Daniel Ruiz is our Lead Sawyer and Machine Expert at New Era Tile & Stoneworks, bringing exceptional skill and precision to the cutting process. He expertly operates and maintains our equipment, ensuring slabs are cut accurately to meet project specifications, minimizing waste, and delivering high-quality results. Daniel's dedication and expertise are integral to our team, ensuring that our stone products are crafted to the highest standards.

Before joining New Era Tile & Stoneworks in 2019, Daniel accumulated several years of experience alongside his father in various roles within the stone industry. He further honed his skills through dedicated years focused on technical and CNC work. Daniel has mastered all our machines, earning recognition as an expert in their operation. Daniel's commitment to rigorous quality control, equipment maintenance, and safety protocols is invaluable to our production process.

Daniel dedication extends beyond work as he enjoys spending time with his wife and little boy. They love relaxing in their new home, working on projects, and creating a space filled with memories for their son's childhood. Daniel's dedication to his craft and his family makes him a cherished member of our team.

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Jesse Magana

About Jesse

Jesse is the Project Engineer at New Era Tile & Stoneworks, bringing seven years of industry experience and a wealth of valuable knowledge and skills to the team. Since joining the company in 2021, he has proven to be a great benefit and an essential part of the team. Jesse has held several titles, showcasing his versatile demeanor and adaptability. His positive attitude and willingness to do whatever is needed make him a tremendous asset.

He is often the one you will see on your job sites to make templates and gather all project details. Jesse handles scheduling and is an overall key contact, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Outside of work, Jesse enjoys playing with his dog, Mazo, and spending time with friends camping and fishing. His hobbies include wrestling, playing video games, and collecting sports cards. Jesse's dedication to both his professional life exemplifies the qualities that make him such a valued member of our team.

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Ramiro Bonilla Jr

About Ramiro Jr

Ramiro is our Lead C.A.D Engineer and Designer at New Era Tile & Stoneworks. He has over 20 years of experience in the stone industry and a deep understanding of stonework design. His commitment to his craft shines through in his ongoing education, including studying Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing. 

He has been with us since the very beginning and has been crucial part of our team. Ramiro has held various roles and was one of our original machine operators. Today, he oversees the entire design process, bringing invaluable insight and a keen eye for design to every project. Ramiro is responsible for programming and creating precise digital layouts, ensuring each project is executed with meticulous detail. 

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, watching their favorite shows and movies. He also has some unique hobbies that keep him busy like producing music, photography, and gaming. Using his design skills, Ramiro enjoys creating custom wood signs and transforming digital 3D drawings into real-life 3D prints.

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Oscar Sifuentes

About Oscar

Oscar brings 30 years of industry experience, having held various positions in fabrication and installation at other shops before joining us in 2017. 

His extensive background makes him a vital asset to our team, where he ensures the smooth and successful completion of our projects. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Oscar oversees day-to-day operations on-site, manages installations, coordinates tasks, and ensures all work meets our high standards and adheres to safety regulations. His leadership and expertise guarantee that every project runs efficiently and that our clients are always satisfied with the results.

In his spare time, Oscar enjoys playing the guitar and has a unique collection of 13 guitars. He also collects radio control cars, adding a fun and interesting dimension to his hobbies.

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DJ Romias

About DJ

DJ brings several years of experience to our team and has been with us since 2013. As one of our original installers, DJ plays a pivotal role in our operations to ensure the smooth execution of our projects.

With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, he manages installations, coordinates tasks, and ensures that all work meets our stringent standards and safety guidelines. DJ's dedication to excellence ensures that every project is completed to the highest satisfaction of our clients. 

Outside of work, DJ enjoys traveling with friends, exploring new restaurants, and trying unique kinds of food. His adventurous spirit and willingness to embrace challenges make him a valuable member of our team.

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Carlos Valadez

About Carlos

Carlos is the Machine Technician at New Era Tile & Stoneworks, bringing a wealth of experience in organization and technical skills from his previous roles. His attention to detail is crucial in our industry, and he consistently demonstrates a great work ethic and a desire to learn. Carlos has been in the industry for 4 1/2 years and joined New Era in 2021.

Carlos is responsible for the efficient production and maintenance of our CNC machines. Although he initially had no experience with CNC machines, he eagerly learned and became proficient, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment. Additionally, he cross-trained in every department, making himself a truly valuable asset to our team. He is always willing to step in wherever needed, whether running machines or assisting with installations, and he has the right attitude to get the job done.

Outside of work, Carlos enjoys spending time with his wife and their two dogs, working on various home projects in their new home. He is also an active member of his church, participating in all their events. Carlos's dedication to both his professional and personal life makes him an integral part of our team.

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Adriana Chavez

About Adriana

Adriana is the Office Administrator at New Era Tile & Stoneworks. She is a graduate with an associate degree in Business Administration. Adriana joined New Era a little over a year ago, initially on a temporary basis, but her exceptional skills and positive attitude quickly made her an indispensable part of the team, leading to a permanent position. Since then, she has developed a passion for the construction industry, gaining diverse skills and knowledge that make her a valuable asset.

Adriana handles several responsibilities in the office, with a primary focus on payroll. Her friendly demeanor and willingness to assist wherever needed bring joy and efficiency to the workplace. The team at New Era is excited to see her continued growth and appreciates her significant contributions.

Outside of work, Adriana is a dedicated wife and mother to a very lucky little boy. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves watching anime and various crime shows. She enjoys baking and cooking and trying out new recipes for her family. 

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Javier lopez

About Javier

Javier has been an integral part of our team as one of our original employees, playing a crucial role in our growth and success. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Javier is truly a "jack of all trades," handling a wide range of tasks with skill and determination. 

His extensive experience and specialized skill set ensure that every project is executed to the highest standards. Over the years, Javier has held numerous titles, reflecting his versatility and commitment. He is a lead and mentor to our team, providing guidance, training, and support to ensure optimal performance and professional growth.

Outside of work, he enjoys barbequing, fishing, and spending quality time with his wife and four children. He is also an active volunteer at his children's school events, demonstrating his dedication to his family and community. 

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Rodrigo Lazaro

About Javier

Our senior fabricator, Rigo, has been a key member of New Era Tile & Stoneworks for the past 10 years, bringing with him 23 years of invaluable experience in the industry. Highly skilled in every aspect of fabrication, Rigo employs advanced techniques to expertly craft stone to perfection, focusing on precise measurements and flawless finishes. He provides insightful guidance to our team, drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience. Rigo occasionally assists with complex installations, showcasing his proficiency in building and executing highly intricate projects.

Outside of work, Rigo enjoys spending quality time with his wife and six children, sharing his passion for cooking and attending church on weekends. His dedication to craftsmanship and commitment to excellence make him a respected leader in our fabrication team.

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Josue Diaz

About Javier

Josue, recently joined our team after relocating from the Bay Area, as one of our lead fabricators. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Josue brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to his work. He excels in every aspect of fabrication, employing precision and skill to ensure each project meets our high standards. 

Josue enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son, and he's known for his love of soccer, often engaging in friendly matches with his friends.

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